Saturday, 10 September 2016

Snoodtember weekly theme: Bows & Bling

I was going to have these as separate themes but there weren't enough weeks in September! Since one of the pieces I am keen to create had both, together they went. I hope you'll join me for a week of playing with pretty bows and sparkly bling!


Often a crocheted snood will have a ribbon to tie it up, or in as a decorative addition while elastic holds the snood, so a ribbon bow on the top of the head is a classic choice. Let's explore some more ideas from the archives.

From The Argus 3 Oct 1944

Bows at the sides, near the ears, are another easy choice. Just tie up your ribbon into a bow and slide a bobby pin over it and into place, or tie it onto the snood itself. I like the ribbon plait across the top too.

This one, from the movie, Orchestra Wives, really inspired me. Honestly, on my small computer screen you can hardly even see the hair net, but on a large screen TV it looked like a fine net or veil half snood and it looked like it had sparkly bits in it too. As well as an oversized velvet bow, which can never be the wrong choice, I'm sure.

From the Weekly Times of Melbourne, 7 Mar 1945

"Scattered Bows. — It's so effective, this simple trick of dotting tiny bows about your snood. You need only 1/4 yd. of 3/4 in. ribbon to make each bow; 2 yd. is enough to cover an ordinary snood. Simply divide your ribbon into 9 in lengths, knot each into a tiny bow, and stitch each bow to a knot in the mesh at spaced intervals. It's a decorative idea that can be done equally effectively with big pearls, with artificial jewels, with different, colored ribbons or colored beads."

Definitely one of the easiest options to try, and one you can easily attempt on your existing snoods and remove if you don't like it or want a change later.

Another suggestion, from The Age, 09 Aug 1944: "...pert little bows of contrasting colored ribbon across the top of the head." No image, sadly.

From The Argus, 6 Apr 1940
One of the ideas I'll look at more when we get to snoods with hats, it that sometimes it is not a hair-encompassing snood, but just the look of a snood, or enough to act as a bandeau to hold the hat on. In this illustration, that seems to be the case, with curls of hair below the snood, and the big bow in between.

From The Telegraph of Brisbane, 20 Jul 1940
Similarly, this is referred to as a snood, although it seems to be draping over the hair. In any case, the caption says that it is knotted in tiny brown taffeta bows (the hat and net are also brown).


It's time for some sequins, rhinestones, shiny beads, and sparkly accessories!

As suggested by The Age, 1 Feb 1941:

"Another idea if your gown is black and diaphanous, wear a belt of gleaming black or midnight-blue sequins, and carefully sew matching sequins lavishly on the mesh of the black silk snood. You may think this rather a lot of trouble, but the effect is well worth it, and various ideas on the same lines may be adopted most successfully."

From the Weekly Times of Melbourne, 8 May 1946
This snood (and the matching gloves) is described as crocheted in white wool, sparkling with pearls, gold sequins and topaz coloured stones.

A little mermaid-esque look from The Age, 09 Aug 1944:
"An exquisite custom for finishing a fascinating and gay model is the threading of pearls through the sequin snood. A pearl-studded comb - if you are fortunate enough to have such a thing - has infinite possibilities on a black or wine-coloured snood. Wear it placed at the stem of an artificial flower."

What do you think? Are any of these ideas something you would try?


  1. These are all beautiful. I love all the details

  2. So fabulously chic + glamorous + pretty! Snoods usually pack quite a style punch on their own, but I do like to further jazz mine up sometimes with hair flowers, bows, headbands or scarves (usually worn where the edge of the snood meets the hair), and even statement brooches.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree, they are wonderful by themselves, but it's still fun to play around with more decoration on them too!

  3. I like the look of all of these ideas. I do have a gorgeous snood with pearls on that my mum made for me. Even though I have missed the week I must get a photo of it.

    1. Oooh that sounds lovely and I'd love to see it!


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