Hey, I'm Tanith.

I believe in bringing people to life with hats, and hats to life with people.

I am a milliner who creates hats with genuine vintage style that are wearable today. I make everything from comfortable everyday styles to elegant bridal headpieces to fun costume accessories.

Through the blog and email newsletter, I'm aiming to help admirers of hats get past their “I couldn't wear that” blocks to find styles that suit them and become hat people. I love to research millinery fashions of the past and share that knowledge with you.

My hats have been featured on popular vintage blogs Chronically Vintage, Nora Finds and Flashback Summer, as well as the Vintage Bride Magazine blog.

I live and work in the inspirational setting of the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, with my husband, baby daughter and two fat fur babies. When I'm not making hats, you can find me playing with my daughter, attempting to grow vegetables in my out-of-control garden, and baking almost as many chocolate chip cookies as I can eat.

I love to share hat inspiration and my millinery journey, and I hope you'd like to join in the fun. Subscribing to the newsletter is the easiest way to keep in the loop.
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