Tuesday 24 March 2015

1940s Story "The Pixie Hat"

Remember those lovely pixie hats that Bette Davis was wearing in Dark Victory? In the midst of my 1940s hat research (posts coming soon!), I stumbled on a short story entitled "The Pixie Hat" so I had to share it with you all!

It was in the Australian Women's Weekly (I'm a bit predictable, I know), in the 6th April 1940 edition.

"A rapier of sunlight pierced the curtains of Anne Robson's room and pricked her into wakefulness."

Our hat-loving hero, Anne, has been skipping lunch and walking to work in order to save for the Pixie Hat she has been lusting after in the window. "For Anne belonged to that gallant regiment of women who prefer to be hungry than shabby." (I can't say that I share this philosophy with Anne.)

We only get bits and pieces of description of the hat, but I think it is shown in this illustration on the left. It is red, a "pixie affair with a stumped tail", and costs three guineas. The gentleman of the piece describes it as "a silly queer toadstool affair with a diddly-what on top of it."

You can read the full short story, starting on this page.

I'm really warming to pixie hats. How about you?

Friday 13 March 2015

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Hat: Linn Sunniva

Adelaide has now travelled to Norway to visit Linn Sunniva and been the co-star of another stunning photo shoot.

Tanith Rowan Designs Travelling Hat in Norway with Linn Sunniva

I love the way Linn just looks so serene and naturally beautiful, and the way the line of her fringe continues up through the leaves to the gathered felt at the back of the hat.

Tanith Rowan Designs Travelling Hat in Norway with Linn Sunniva

Linn was also my Vintage Secret Santa who sent me such a lovely parcel of things that arrived on Christmas Eve. You can find her on instagram.

Next, Adelaide will be returning to the UK for a few stops before she gets ready to cross the Atlantic and visit all her friends in Canada and the USA!

Tuesday 10 March 2015

"Choc Chip" Baking-Themed Whimsy

It's time for the March whimsy in the Tanith Rowan Designs Whimsy Collection!

This month's novelty theme is baking! I love to bake, especially cookies. Chocolate chip, as well as being a classic, are super-delicious.

The veil is decorated with tiny chocolate chip cookies, and a ribbon bow tied around a small wooden spoon adorns the top. I couldn't resist gingham for a kitchen-centred design!

Does anyone else get a bit funny about deception in photo shoots? I have no qualms about certain lies. I will find the one part of my kitchen that looks vaguely picturesque. I will tidy that part extra. I will move the bins, the compost bin, the plastic bags. I will wear make-up. I will wear a skirt that doesn't quite fit me unless I suck my tummy in a bit. I will wear a dress under a skirt because I don't have a top that works.

But I won't pretend to bake.

These are one of my new favourite cookie recipes. I call them "Banana (Almost) Everything Cookies". They are the "Banana Everything" cookie from "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar", but without the walnuts. And they are fabulous.

You know how you have one friend in your group who is always eating in photos? No? Well, I do. It's me.

If you are wondering why a baking-themed whimsy, apart from an excuse to make and eat cookies, it was a request from my mother in the comments of the first #bringbackthewhimsy post. It is on its way to her now!

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Vintage Magazine Snippets

In one of my vintage shopping hauls last year, I picked up a number of old magazines, mostly British Women's Weeklies. I wanted to show you some of my favourite articles, advertisements and illustrations from inside.

I love vintage refashion advice. It's great to see how they recommend completing each of the trims. No. 1 is my favourite, with the wreath design!

 This illustrated a fictional story, and shows lovely coat and cloche combinations.

This one is illustrating an article about not giving up your life when you find a man, and giving him space too. It probably helps your relationship to look this casually stylish and windswept too!

Advice for dress-up costumes for little girls from the 1920s? Yes please! Adorable. I found an newspaper article about a school performance involving my great-grandmother's aunt (after whom she was named) in the roll of fairy princess. It's interesting that an "inexpensive" costume in those days involved making it completely yourself, which I think would be seen as the seriously-dedicated option today.

Another refashion article, this time, doing up last year's frock! I wouldn't mind reading more of this "New Series".

These are ads for patterns you can send away for. I love the two directions of stripes on this sporty dress.

I'm not sure this would be flattering on many people, but it's a cute illustration.

Simple and adorable!

I love advice column sections too, especially for fashion. "We wear it on everything these days" certainly seems to be true when you look at some old 1920s photos.

I hope you enjoyed these bits and pieces!
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