Friday, 23 September 2016

Snood-along part two: Making your fabric snood

It's sewing time! If you haven't picked a fabric yet, read the recommendations in Part One first and also get some extra inspiration there.

This pinky-red velvet was my test snood, but I didn't take pictures as I went, so now I'm using a paisley patterned velvet/velveteen from an old skirt (it was already cut apart and damaged when I got it) for the tutorial photos.

First we need a pattern. The shape is a sort of half-oval with a base of 30 inches and a height of 18 inches. Mark out those lengths then join them with a curve by hand. Your pattern should look something like this. Honestly I've cut mine straight onto the fabric, but you may wish to draw it on paper first.

Now we begin by sewing the channel for the elastic. Fold the fabric over twice along the curved edge and pin in place. At the curviest sections, you will need to ease the fabric as you go. It will end up gathered, so don't worry too much about the neatness.

Sew close to the inside edge of the fold.

Cut your length of elastic (about 10-15 inches) and sew one end by hand to one end of your elastic channel. Attach a safety pin to the other end of the elastic. Feed the safety pin through the channel until it emerges at the other end.

Pull on the elastic to gather up the fabric. I pretty much gathered it as much as I could, but judge for yourself if you want it a little looser. Once you are happy, sew the elastic in place at the end of the channel and cut off the excess.

Now we will finish the front edge, the straight edge. Depending on your fabric, you could do this by machine or by hand. Fold the edge into a double hem again and sew.

To sew by hand, take a long stitch through the hem followed by a short stitch through the single layer, trying not to let the stitch show on the outside.

The front edge is too long as it is, so it needs to be looped under. It helps if you can pin the snood onto a mannequin head to do this step. Fold about 4 inches under at each end. Pin into place, and sew with a few hand stitches.

And that is that! Your snood is complete. I do like it as is, but it would look great trimmed with a bow or worn with a hat (which is next week's theme and is going to be so much fun!).

This particular fabric gives it more of a sixties or seventies look, doesn't it?

It's a pretty fabulous fabric. I'm just going to stare at this for a while, then I might make one out of a chiffon-type fabric and see how it goes.

Good luck making and I'd love to see what you create!


  1. That is pretty fabulous fabric. I stared at it for a while too :)
    The Artyologist

    1. It was a great find! 4 items for $5 in a clearout!

  2. Splendidly pretty snood (those autumnal colours...j'adore!) and such a great, easy to follow tutorial. Bookmarking big time. Thank you so much for sharing, talented lady!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. Divine fabric and print. I want to feel it with my fingers. Easy to follow instructions, thank you! I am curious to see the chiffon snood, I bet it will be very elegant.

    1. You are welcome! And the colours in this are very you :)

  4. I think I can make this! Going to give it a try. This fabric is lovely.

    1. I'm sure! I would (of course) love to see if you do :)


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