Sunday 25 August 2013

Vintage-inspired cocktail hat

There has been a beautiful 1950s hat gazing dreamily at me from my Pinterest boards for a while now. "Create me..." it whispered. Today it was finally time.

The story of this hat is a recycling story too. The other day I disassembled my bushfire hat because I didn't like the fabric on the base, but I wanted to re-use my flame-and-smoke. This left me with a nice buckram base to use.

Then there's my 1930s Vintage Vogue dress. It was a somewhat unfortunate attempt. It was ok for a costume, but when I sat down I threatened to split the seams. I don't even have any photos of me wearing it. I gave it to Mum, and she wore it for my "How to Marry a Millionaire" party, but she decided it was too long for her. On my trip to Wales, I took it back, planning to "fix" it.

So... I fixed it!

Frankly, this fabric is much better suited to being this hat than it was to being that dress. And there's plenty more dress left to become more hats or other mystery items...

I've developed an aversion to machine sewing. It may be related to the position of my sewing machine at the back of the desk behind piles of stuff.

A good thing about using the dress was being able to use the ties from the back, with the two greens already stitched together! Victory for me.

The bling is a brooch scored at Chester's best charity shop. For a pound. Bargain!

What else should I refashion this dress into? And what other amazing vintage hats should I do a version of?


  1. Can you take about 8 feet of the fabric and make a scarf? It might look smart to wear it with the hat. You could also cover a simple purse, or make a fabric evening bag.

    1. Ooh thank you! Great ideas. I especially like the evening bag idea.


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