Sunday, 18 August 2013

Vintage Hat Video Inspiration

Yesterday evening I discovered British Pathe and I did not get to bed on time, let me tell you. This amazing collection of video footage from 1890 onwards includes plenty of fashion. My fondness for vintage styles should be evident to anyone who has even glanced at my work, so you can imagine how much I was loving this.

If you search for hats you'll get a few unusual things, but mostly footage from fashion shows. The commentary is often hilarious, but gives you a great insight into the fashion direction of the time and describes the colours in black-and-white footage.

A video of hat fashions at London Zoo inspired by the animals has some great hats but shows that the ethics of even our standard unethical clothing have come a long way! "Don't worry, the trimming's ermine, not penguin."  Phew! Am I glad to hear that.

I have a book on how to make hats by Aage Thaarup and thanks to a video of his Easter bonnets I have seen more of his work and learned how to pronounce his name! His adaptation of "the Aussie bush hat" is nothing like that description, but it is very pretty.

How many times can you say Australian in 10 seconds? This 1947 video of Australian spring fashion tries for a record. Any man would be proud of you in that dress. Interestingly there is a model called Dawn Fraser, at one stage modelling a swimsuit.


In other news I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after my holiday. They are so wonderful but so disruptive, aren't they?

I did make a daily hat this week, but I didn't post it at the time as I was deciding whether to add more to it or not. I decided not.

In the works right now are a custom hat for a lovely lady in Western Australia and another experiment with electonics...


  1. What a great video resource - I'm surprised you've surfaced at all!


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