Sunday, 11 August 2013

The first hats I ever made

I used this mini top hat in a photo shoot with the Bunny lovey dovey over at the old Jupiter Hollow blog. I referred to this as "my first ever hat".

In fact, it was the first hat I made attempting proper millinery techniques after Rhiannon gave me my first millinery book. I had made a few costume hats before that using more innovative techniques (staples and cardboard, for example).

Staying with Mum on my recent holiday, I was reunited with some of my first ever sewing projects, two lovely mice made from kits.

What do you know? They both have cute little hats!

"Gary Groom" has a darling top hat for his big day, and I love the patched-up cap that "Conkers" is sporting.

Are these my two real first ever hats? Maybe...

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