Tuesday 4 June 2013

How to make a hat if you're a little neurotic

If you are here for a tutorial, as you can read from the full title, this isn't one! Sorry.

Here is a tutorial for making a 1960s-style whimsy hat.

Here are some posts that, while not complete with instructions, you might find useful if you are interested in learning to make hats: 
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On with the original post, which is just a story of my creative process, with neurotic commentary.

5:33 pm. Home from work. Cats fed. Time to put the kettle on.

5:38 pm. Phase one blocked. This is the last of the felts I had lying around from years ago, and it turns out to be a fur. I could tell right away as it worked into shape so smoothly. Damn I wish fur didn't grow on animals. Can't you just shear them or something? Little tiny bunny haircuts? *sigh* Time to feed the cats some more and let the felt dry a bit.

6:09 pm. Doubt design idea. Look at other hats on Pinterest and change plans multiple times. Have conviction. Doubt. Repeat. Finally grab the scissors, remember that it doesn't have to be perfect, and there's plenty more felt out there. Cut into it!

6:16 pm. Looks like bunny ears. Panic and leave the room.

6:19 pm. Check original sketch. Should have done that first. But there is hope.

6:29 pm. Less like bunny ears. Not zero, but less. Add some more elements. Starting to look like a hat for grown ups. Basic design finished. Time to start neatening up.

6:37 pm. Chair back falls off. I was wondering where that knob came from.

7:07 pm. Mushroom burgers and NCIS

8:02pm. Back to work. Sewing tacking stitches where required to keep the shape. More edge neatening.

8:17 pm. Rummage through beads and other bits n' pieces for the final touch. Wish for nice new pretty stuff instead of random bits of old jewellery and things cut off other things. Find something good. Stop wishing for new things.

8:28 pm. Still needs a comb or elastic but otherwise done. Enough for tonight.

8:42 pm. Post on blog. Wish for a pretty clear bright workspace without old teddy bear curtains.

8:44 pm and onwards. Keep wondering if it looks like bunny ears. I may have bunnies on the brain.


  1. Hi Tanith! Do you take commissions? I've been looking for something warm and simple and 1950s-flavoured in black or navy. I thought I'd see if you took requests so that I could give my money to someone I know. Especially someone starting out a small business of their own :D Please let me know!

    1. Hi Rosie. I'd love to make a custom hat for you. Do you still have my email address? If not, the business one is tanithrowandesigns at gmail. We can talk more about what you have in mind and hopefully I can make what you are looking for :)

  2. Just FYI - Most angora bunnys are combed to get their fur, although occasionally they will be sheared. (I'm a bit of a fiber nut and love finding out about that sort of thing.) I have a pet bunny (who is spoiled rotten) and everyday my daughters will hold and "pet" him by running their fingers through his fur. The under coat will naturally just come out and stick to your fingers. We keep a bag near the chair just for the fur that comes off. He loves it, and will throw little temper tantrums when he wants to be petted right now! Especially when we first get up in the mornings. As soon as he gets his rubs/snuggles, he is totally chill.

    1. Thanks for that info. I will keep it in mind. There are so many animal products that *could* have been obtained harmlessly, but it's so hard to know for a particular item, and that's frustrating.


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