Friday 28 June 2013

Daily Hat: A Cold Virus Half-Hour Special

Last week I told you about my Daily Hat commitment and made myself accountable. This week, I got sick. In fact, I'm still feeling pretty bad.

I didn't want to let my promise fall away so quickly, however good an excuse I had. Plus, the spirit of the promise is to forget perfection and get creating.

So, mostly recovered, I decided that although a few hours on a hat might be beyond me still, I could make a little something in half an hour then go to bed!

I feel a little glow. Not that I really like this. I don't. But it achieved what it was supposed to. Despite excuses and the troubles of life, I created something. I've shared it even though it is far from perfect. There are elements of it that I like. I love the colours. I love the way the buttons look on those little flowers. There are ideas here I could experiment with more in the future. And I feel enjoyment from the creative process, however brief.

That's what it was always supposed to be about. It makes me smile.

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