Sunday, 9 June 2013

A new business card holder

My business cards at the Grand Opening sat in a little jewellery box I've had since I was a young girl. It looks nice, but I'm keen to have it back and put my cards in something more "me". Actually I plan to make a tiny hat for them to sit in.

Until then, I decided to try painting one of the (many) little paper mache boxes I have sitting around, waiting to one day become the Christmas gifts they were intended to be.

Naturally, I wanted to paint something hat-themed. I went with a 1920s look for this lady, with a green cloche, since everyone seemed to like my green cloche the best.

Plus my business cards arrived. They are Round 2. Round 1 I printed myself and cut out the night before the opening. This round are the free kind from Vistaprint. Round 3 can be fancier (i.e. have my own images and be recycled card), I just wanted something basic to start me out.

I love painting, even though I am not very practised at it. I had to re-do so many bits of this! It's a bit too tiny a scale to suit my uncoordinated and shaky hands. But I loved doing it.

And I made lots of mess. A sure sign of a fun day.


  1. That is gorgeous! And the cards look nice too.

    1. Thanks! I hope to find some time to fit more painting into my life.


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