Saturday 2 September 2017

Welcome to Snoodtember 2017

Somehow it's already that time of year again! Snoodtember: a time to celebrate all things snood, time to have fun with this vintage classic accessory and take a lot of heavily filtered snood-selfies.

As with last year, there are weekly themes, but I won't be doing individual posts on them here on the blog this time. As before, the themes are optional, feel free to share any snood looks at any time! They are just there if you are looking for some ideas.

Week 1 (Sept 3rd - 9th): Seasonal 

Since September marks a change of season, explore that in your snood style. For those in the Southern hemisphere with me, celebrate the start of spring, perhaps with flowers, butterflies and bees, or enjoy the last of the cold weather by adding some wintery touches. If you are on the other side of the planet, you might like a last summery hurrah or to welcome autumn with some changing leaves and orange hues. 

Week 2 (Sept 10th - 16th): Era hopping 

Snoods were big in the forties, but they enjoyed success in a range of eras. Take some inspiration from the way they were worn in the 60s, the 80s, or even way back in the Renaissance! Alternately, keep your snood the same but try it with an outfit from a different era than your usual or one that mixes a few. 

Week 3 (Sept 17th - 23rd): Colours of the rainbow 

Go bold and explore colour! You don't have to have a range of snood colours for this, but use your outfits and other accessories to give you more options. Try different colour combinations all at once or focus on one colour a day and make your week into a rainbow!

Week 4 (Sept 24-30): Inspired By

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Find an image or idea that inspires you and make it your own. Maybe it's a vintage photo or fashion sketch, or a homage to one of your favourite movie stars. Or maybe one of your fellow Snoodtember participants created a really great look or had a great way of wearing their snood and you want to try it out. There's lots of great inspiration out there!

I hope you'll join me in celebrating snoods this month!


  1. I love snoods. I have very long hair and I pull it back in a snood.

    1. They are so handy! I'm glad you enjoy them too.

  2. i just love snoodtember thanks for doing it again

    1. You are welcome! I have fun with it and it's good to know that you do too :)

  3. I like the themes, especially the different eras one. I have a 1960's snood pattern I hope to make. I'm glad that you are doing it again.

    1. I'd love to see your 60s pattern in action!


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