Friday, 3 January 2014

The New Look for Tanith Rowan Designs

If you've been to the blog recently, you will already have noticed the major visual changes in the last weeks. If not, look around!

I have a new logo, by the talented, patient and understanding Leigh Tuckman. I know Leigh through my sister and some other friends we have in common, and my first view of her work was her travel posters for fictional places - Narnia, Wonderland and Oz.

The fox is my little mascot for the playful mix of cute and sophisticated that I like to pursue in my work. Leigh has turned my red felt makeover and the red hat I made for Wendy into part of my logo and icons, which makes me so happy. I felt truly joyous seeing my own creations turned into illustrations, and I get a thrill from seeing them now on my site.

I've kept the "Shop" button there in the sidebar for now, even though it isn't going anywhere just yet. The planned opening date is January 20th, after I get back from the 2014 International Millinery Forum in Wagga.

If you go to the Gallery, you'll see I've included some of my past work (and I'll add some more soon) to browse through. I'm trying out gallery software called Cincopa, which I'm enjoying so far, but I'm still playing with it. I like the "Pinterest-style" skin because it works so well with my photos and their vastly different orientations and dimensions.

I've spent the "lost days" between Christmas day and New Year's eve learning about RSS feeds, joining Bloglovin' and Twitter and doing lots of reading on things I should probably have learned about ages ago. So I now have my snazzy little social media buttons courtesy of Love from Ginger (website no longer active) to make me look like I know what's going on in the world.

Now, although I'm still considering myself "on holidays" from my old job and not yet "at work" in my new job, it's a mix of holiday stuff and hat-making. So, today was the cricket, tomorrow I've got some blocked sinamay bases to wire and trim!

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