Monday 30 December 2013

Thinking back on 2013

It has been a big year for Tanith Rowan Designs and for me. In this peaceful post-Christmas break, I've been spending lazy day watching the cricket, pottering around in the garden and enjoying my Christmas presents.

One that Rhiannon got for me was Kari Chapin's second book "Growing your handmade business". I really enjoyed her first book, and I'm enjoying working through this one too. It is shaping the way I am reflecting back on 2013, and the way I am planning for 2014. I feel full of inspiration and hope and excitement right now.

So I wanted to think about what I am proud of in 2013.

Starting up Tanith Rowan Designs again. Accepting the honour and challenge of putting my hats in a real shop even though it was almost as terrifying as it was exciting.

Hat display at Crago Mill

Improving my skills, in millinery, photography and editing, blogging and social media. Finding a UK milliner to learn from while I was overseas. Learning as often as I could about as much as I could.

Pink and black jinsin fascinator

Helping launch Wattle Flat Crafts with a group of lovely crafters from the greater Bathurst area. It has been great fun, and I've had to push myself to work on promoting it, and in teaching my first millinery class.

Wattle Flat Crafts at the courthouse

Choosing to be financially sensible and ethically sound by finding second hand hats to makeover and refashioning some of my own previously-made hats that didn't quite work or had damage to work around.

Before and after photos of a straw and sinamay hat refashion

Before and after photos of a red felt hat makeover

Wearing hats more myself, including to a wedding. I think it's important to keep working on this, so I know what my customers need and what is comfortable.

Navy wool felt blocked hat with pheasant feather

Making more hats than ever before in one year (I think about 23). Next year will have many many more!

A collage of some of my hats made in 2013

I can't wait to start the 2014 creative journey and sharing my exciting plans with you.


  1. Not to mention a new logo!
    You have been so productive, and I can only imagine that with more free time, 2014 will be your year of triumph!

    1. I hope so. The new logo is awesome, but since I'm still tweaking the new look, I haven't made a fuss of it yet. I will do :)

  2. Your millinery work is so beautiful. I never took a millinery class though one was offered at my school, so I'm not sure of the process. These are fantastic! I might have to buy one eventually for my sister since she's really into hats. Would you consider shipping to the US?

    1. Thank you so much! I would be happy to ship to the US :)

  3. Resplendantly beautiful creations - I'm especially taken by the made over hats. I'm not a milliner myself and have never so much as even dabbled in this timeless art, but I have thought before about how fun and fashionable it would be to revamp hats that were lacking in character or which had seen better days. It's wonderful to see that you're doing just that, lovely lady.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrific and very touching blog comment this week. I really appreciate that you've started following Chronically Vintage through Bloglovin' and look forward to getting to know you better as well.

    1. Thank you and you are welcome. I'm glad you like my hats. The makeovers are some of my favourites too. I enjoy the extra challenge of working with what is there already and the extra reward of seeing that change happen.


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