Saturday, 9 November 2013

Repairing and wearing family fashion treasures

My great-grandmother was a young woman in the 1920s, and she possessed exquisite taste in fashion.

We are lucky enough to have a number of pieces of jewellery and beading that belonged to her. I recently took this small collection home in order to turn them into wearable items again.

To begin with, today I looked at these section of beading.

Beautiful, huh? Even from the back!

I don't know what it originally was used as, but I wanted to turn it into a simple headband. It is so intricate and colourful that it doesn't need anything else, and I wanted it to shine and be the focal point it deserves to be.

It is a little fragile and had a few loose threads and a tendency to roll at the corners.

I stitched it onto a background of black millinery felt, resecured the areas where the thread was coming apart, and attached some elastic.

Now I can wear this treasure that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Conveniently I also got my hair cut into a bob today too! Time to get some 20s dresses and go for a bit of Gatsby style I think.

I can't wait to wear this around and also get to work on the other lovely pieces.


  1. Lovely to see this being worn - and repaired.
    The bob looks great too!

    1. Thanks! If you have any suggestions for the other bits, let me know.

  2. Stunning! It's a beautiful headband, looks really good on you, love the new hair cut too. :)

    1. Thanks! It really is beautiful, and I like headbands with the new hair so I may have to make some more.


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