Monday, 18 November 2013

Handmade Hat Blocks

I started by playing with some scrap wood in the workshop myself. Just simple pillbox shapes with a uniform cross-section. Things I could cut on the bandsaw and sand and use right away. I made a simple cylinder that I used to block the black pillbox with the veil circle. I made a heart shape and blocked this little pillbox that I've yet to finish. It's wrapped in blue veiling but I don't know what else to add.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I asked one of the TAS teachers if he could teach me to use a wood lathe so I could make some more blocks. I thought I'd like to have a nice button fascinator.

After talking through some ideas and showing him some pictures he came to me with a bag. "I made a set of these in the smallest dimensions. Is this what you wanted? And just one stand, but I can make more."

A week later it was "I made some more in the larger sizes. And a bigger stand. Just let me know what else you want. Wider? Taller? More stands?"

My block collection has multiplied a lot in the last few weeks. Especially if you don't count sugar bowls.

 Look at all those beautiful shapes!

I even changed my calendar to the correct month for these photos. How is it November already?

The stand in the photo above used to be a school desk. They are all made from scrap, including desks and chair legs.

The stand comes apart too, so you can hold the block either free in your hand, or with one part of the stand like a handle, or on the stand on the table.

A bored woodwork teacher is a milliner's best friend.

And while we're on the subject of generosity, I was also given two lots of vintage trim (one silk and one cotton) by Dan, the leatherworker who is a part of Wattle Flat Crafts with me.

I know some lovely people!


  1. What a great guy to make these beautiful pieces for you to use for your millinery! How generous of him to give his time and talent in this way. You will make some fabulous hats with these! Mum

    1. I know! He is quite a legend. I look forward to using them.

  2. Ah, this makes my FB question redundant! These are amazing and such a wonderfully generous project to take on.

    1. I used some of them today - they are fabulous! He is just amazing :)


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