Sunday 27 October 2013

Straw and Sinamay

I'm going to talk more soon about what I learned about making hats using blocked straw hoods and sinamay, but for now here are the results.

I must have tried out a dozen trims on this grey straw before I was even moderately satisfied. How good are pheasant feathers? I'm so tempted to get a pheasant.

Also, I need some more blocks! Seeing another milliner's collection gave me some serious block envy.

This block too! I love these two colours together, and had such fun learning to roll the edges for the leaf and flower trims. Anything that can be rolled rather than sewn is a dream come true.

It's amazing how the wearer transforms the hat, and vice versa. I really wasn't excited about this hat until I saw it on Sarah. Now look at it! What an awesome hat.

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