Sunday, 6 October 2013

Exploring jinsin again

At the 2009 Internation Millinery Forum, I did a course with Melbourne milliner and all-round inspiration Waltraud Reiner, and I learned about jinsin.

At the time it was a relatively new material in the millinery market, and it was fun to play with and interesting to learn about. But somehow it didn't quite speak to me, and I never got around to using the remaining material I had left after the class.

Until these holidays! With the spring racing carnival season upon us and facing a summery season without felt to fall back on (man I love felt), I wanted to re-engage with some warm-weather millinery materials. So I got out my jinsin and had a play.

I love the striking pink and black combination of this jinsin and the way it curves across her forehead and  draws your attention to her eyes.

Is that a shed in the background? How Aussie.

This purple one is made of three twirls of jinsin individually hemmed and shaped then all looped together. I wonder how high a stack I could make?

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are AMAZING! I am definitely not a hat person, but your designs are wonderful! Keep it up, lady!


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