Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Millinery Movie Moments: The French Line (1953)

Ok, I admit it, I'm just reviewing random movies I found on late-night TV, not the ones with the best hats, necessarily. On the other hand, I think you'd have to look pretty hard to find a classic movie, or at least a classic romantic comedy, that doesn't have some fabulous hats. Even just watching the extras can be inspirational.

Well anyway, today we're talking "The French Line" from 1953, with Jane Russell as oil heiress Mary Carson. She has some stunning high fashion outfits, but I also really like her "Texas girl" look from the beginning.

She looks stylish in the bath too. I'm pretty sure that Jane Russell never looked anything but stylish in her life.

I had to share this number even though it is hatless. It's the most ridiculous thing but so lovely, flattering and sparkly and bold. I couldn't get a good full length shot but it's, well I guess it's a fitted strapless jumpsuit? With sparkly boobs. And a drapey chiffon robe.

This is her outfit to impress the fiance she hasn't seen in weeks, but it doesn't work. He bolts. He likes to wear the pants, he says. Mary assures him he would but he says "But I'd be afraid to spill something on them, because you'd be paying for them."

Black hats may be classic and stylish and versatile, but they are hard to see well, especially the details! But I like the way Mary's hat curls around her face with the little tails at the bottom.

This is her "old-fashioned" outfit before she gets her new wardrobe from her fashion designer friend. I love the way these movies incorporate as many models and performers as they can, to excuse fashions shows and musical numbers.

Or just a party full of young pretty ladies across the hall, who keep coming to the wrong door. That is relevant to the plot but it still makes me laugh.

This is a plain cap in shape, but the trim is all happening. Our suave Frenchman wears his hat pretty well too. Honestly, I'm not a sucker for the suave Frenchman deal. Is it just me?

I have mixed feelings about this movie in general, mainly because I've ended up watching it so many times while I got around to reviewing it, but it's a bit of fun, although quite weird. The millinery doesn't take centre stage (Jane Russell's sex appeal does), but there are some really lovely hats, and the dresses are even better. A decent laugh and pretty to look at.


  1. This movie really does have some wonderful hats and fashions. I want everything the chic ladies are sporting in the last image that you highlighted here.

    Big hugs from Edmonton,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes! I agree. There are some great ones in that image.

  2. Suddenly feeling lacking in the glamourous bathing department! I need that turban/bow creation for bath time! I like the little cap with the pearl(?) decorations. Also, why do I not own a thing with sparkly boobs?!

    1. I've actually started wearing a turban as a shower cap, but I think I could up my game more. And yes, my wardrobe is lacking in the sparkly boob department too! Watch out bras, I've got a bedazzler!


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