Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Millinery Movie Moments: Mr Lucky

The classic movie in the spotlight today is Mr. Lucky (1943). I was struck very early in the film by this tall sculptural felt hat that we see Dorothy (Laraine Day) wearing in her first meeting with Joe (Cary Grant) and in future scenes too. Look at the size of those loops.

Unlike my previous movie reviews, The Bishop's Wife and Dark Victory, the hats have no particular significance in the plot of this one. They're just lovely. I mean, seriously. Look at that hat again. I'll admit that you really need to see it in motion to get the full effect. I might have to make one.

Also, you get to see Cary Grant being taught to knit.

Dorothy only wears a few different hats, and that first one is my favourite. Mind you, we don't get to see much detail of this one.

This next is elegant, but not that exciting to me. Joe doesn't care for it either, actually.

This is one of those movies that makes me want to shout "Stop! Wait! Zoom in on that extra!"

I'm quite taken by this turban, for example.

Of course, the men look pretty dapper in their hats too.

There's a lot of knitting.

Now this isn't a hat. But I know some of you like your brooches, and this is a display you have to see.

All in all, since I'm a total sucker for a romantic comedy, I rate it "Adorable if Implausible" and recommend it if you like slick witty dialogue and cute couples. And hats you could drive a truck through.


  1. "Adorable if Implausible" is a thoroughly fantastic term that applies to a rather large array of mid-century films, come to think of it. Thank you for highlighting this gem. I always adore seeing what classic movies catch your eye, my sweet friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That structured turban hat!!!

    1. Yes, and some of my favourite films suit the description very well!

  2. this film looks so cute! I agree with you the turban is perfection

  3. I also love the turban. That brooch set is just amazing!

    1. It takes up a lot of space on her blouse!

  4. Oh yes! I love how the men didn't leave the house without a hat. That brooch set is divine....

    1. Although I love that we have a more flexible attitude to fashion now, I wouldn't mind a few more men in smart hats around town!


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