Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Winter Felts and a Vintage Hat Block Addiction

I know that my northern hemisphere friends are enjoying their summer, but here winter is really kicking in. Our fire has been going for months already, and the ground has been frosty many mornings. Consequently, I am going to share some wintry hats today!

The first is one that I made for myself. Today's top tip: don't let anyone else model a hat you made for yourself.

Because of the size (it is quite large) I started off wearing this angled to one side, as shown here. I quite like it this way, but for everyday wear I've now started wearing it on the back of my head.

The beret, and the hat shown below, are both formed on vintage hat blocks I picked up via Ebay last year. As much as I love free-shaping felt hats to my own whim, I have a serious weakness for the cool shapes of old blocks. It is so ridiculously hard to not buy them all. *sigh*

The only downside is not knowing exactly how they were intended to be worn or trimmed. While the beret is fairly straightforward, I wasn't sure about this swirly one at all.

In the end, I just block it and experiment. I'm pretty happy with how this one ended up, and I think it suits Lucy really well.

As you can see, my love of felt feathers is still going strong!

This green and black cloche is one I made last year and finally gave a proper photoshoot outing.

This one, like many of my hats, had me filled with doubt until I saw it worn properly and looking fabulous on a beautiful model.

These last two (and some others from the same blocks) are all currently in The Blackheath Hub, the local bricks-and-mortar that stocks my hats. Meanwhile, the beret is getting a good workout in my own daily wear.

Hat blocks like these are works of art. I just love looking at them! But I'm not going to allow myself to purchase any more until I've blocked more on the ones I own. I have a few others (vintage and new) that I'm only just starting to experiment with!

What's the vintage item or crafting supply that tempts you the most? Do you resist or just go crazy once in a while?


  1. Well you know mine... gloves! I think I have about forty pairs now, about 16 of which fit me.

    1. 40! I didn't realise it was that many! They are pretty awesome though :)

  2. That green and black cloche just makes my heart beat faster. It's so pretty! I don't own a proper cloche, but I would really like to find one before winter comes around again on my side of the globe.

    1. Thank you! I hope you find a lovely cloche for winter. They really can be the perfect practical cold-weather hat!

  3. Oh blimey! I don't think I could even answer that question~ have you got all day??? Okay... Here goes! I usually fall for at least one cute print fabric, and will buy a random length for an undetermined project pretty much every time I go to Spotty's. Buttons are a real weakness if they look unique and/or vintage-y enough.

    I adore kitsch papercrafts and oh! Ribbon! I can't have too many reels of ribbon! I love beads as well...

    And as for vintage items... Hum. Brooches. Bags {even though I usually stick with one for everyday, I adore having pretty purses for no reason}. Gloves.

    And my bank account is continuously weeping from my going crazy every 'once in a while' which seems to be every other month. I know, I know. I have a problem. :P

    Do I sound crazy enough yet?!! XD

    And honestly, the maroon beret with the bow and the felt feather is too, too divine. I would add that hat to my wardrobe any day! Maybe in navy? (^ ε ^) ♡ ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Oh yes! Fabric and buttons! Things I have so much of and always want more. Even as I think how much I need to get rid of some of the massive stash I have! Oh well :) Self-control is one of those things that goes so well for a while and then you only have to lose it for a moment!

      I imagine it would look good in navy... :)

  4. Oops, late as usual.
    That Green Cloche is perfect! Oh man oh man. It's so lovely to see the cute hats you made on the blocks. I wanna find one and convince my dad to do something with it. (he used to be a milliners apprentice!)

    And hmm, I just bought a box full of sewing patterns and supplies today, and some vintage sewing booklets. So those are my two things I jump on without a second thought. Oh and fabric. I have so much fabric.
    And I have a lot of gloves... slowly getting on that with hats too.

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

    1. Thank you! That's so cool that your dad was a milliner's apprentice! I feel like vintage hat blocks are hard to find cheaply here, as millinery is becoming so popular again, but maybe you would have more luck there?

      Oooh yes sewing patterns! I probably have used only 10% of the ones I own...ooops!

  5. These are so resplendently pretty! I'm - perhaps not surprisingly - especially smitten with the felt feather sporting beret. Your work is so creative and covetable, sweet Tanith. Swoon!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for that sweet compliment, Jessica!

  6. I do like a felt hat and the feather trim on the first is so pretty. I like to see hat blocks and imagine what creations were made on them. I always buy darning mushrooms if I see them, I like the link to other people taking care of their clothes and working with their hands. Vintage knitting patterns are my favourite can't be resisted thing, always on the look out, not very good at saying no!

    1. Oooh we had a darning mushroom when I was a kid (i.e. my mum had one) and I didn't get what it was for, but I thought it was really really cute and it intrigued me! I totally get the appeal.

      Patterns are so hard to say no to all the time! I agree :)


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