Thursday, 19 June 2014

Shop Update: Another 7 Hats

My hat-a-day rate has slowed, but I have added 7 more hats to my online shop, so I thought I'd show them off again.

First up, two more hats from my exploration of 1960s faux fur hats. I love the look of the fun cheetah spots, and this grey faux fur is so soft and such a rich colour.

My first exploration into sinamay is finally in the shop now too. This one makes me think of eucalyptus leaves, despite the flower, because of the rich dark green and a pale silvery green together.

Nothing subtle about this one mini top hat. I was obsessed with carousel animals at the time, and this is my "Carousel Rooster". I love it, but it is quite a bold statement!

After mini top hats, one of the other fabric-covered hat shapes I had fun exploring was miniature tricornes. I only finished these two off late last year. This one in red, black and silver, is called "Lady Maria."

And this one is "Countess Charlotte." Mostly black and cream, with highlights of gold and dark green. She has a gathered facing, which is one of my favourite finishes for underneath brims.

To finish, we have a simple and understated 1920s cloche. No trims, just hand-shaped folds in the felt. I do love this one!

Shop updates will be thin for a while as I work on a custom project and getting some hats ready to put into a local shop in just a couple of weeks. It's going to be a busy time!


  1. Each of these hats is an elegant, beautiful and very captivating work of millinery art. I'm struck by, and adore, the diversity of styles and era (and centuries!) at work in these seven wonderful chapeaus. I can imagine styling each with pieces from my own closet, and also envision them sitting atop the heads of some very fashionable ladies back in the days they're capturing the styles of. You truly have a great talented, dear Tanith and I love that we get to see the amazing things you create thanks to it here on your blog.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much Jessica. I am glad to be sharing my work with others through the blog. It makes it so much more worthwhile.


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