Saturday, 3 September 2016

Weekly Themes: Floral!

For those of you joining in with the snood wearing, there will be four weekly themes, or challenges, if you like, to give some specific direction to your snood wearing. Totally optional of course, but something to try if you feel like it. I wanted to make myself branch out a bit, plus I was full of ideas after all the research!

Here are the themes:

So, what can we do with this week's floral theme? Here are some thoughts and some vintage inspiration!

From The Australian Women's Weekly, 27 Jan 1945

A couple of big flowers

The classic (and for good reason) look is to add a few hair flowers as a statement accessory to your accessory. If you already have hair flowers equipped with combs or clips, just add them after putting your snood on.  If you just have some artificial flowers, you can slide a bobby pin over one of the bottom petals and then into your hair.

Flowers on the mesh

The vintage precedent is to go as crazy as you like with them! You could practically cover the whole mesh in flowers, or have more at the top, thinning further down the snood (as in the Lilly Dache example above).

From Vogue, Nov 1 1939

Sewing the flowers on by hand isn't super quick, but it isn't too bad, and it means you can easily experiment, then snip the threads and try a different idea. I've used small artificial flowers from my stash, with a bead in the centre, but little ribbon flowers would be cute too.

I'm planning to try this as is and also with additional flowers around the front. We'll see how it goes!

A flower crown

The "News" of Adelaide, 27 September 1944, suggested:

"Take one half-circle of made flowers, attach one snood on a narrow elastic. And there's your new party hat for Spring....The flowers are brilliant reds and blues, the snoods match, or contrast violently. No in-betweens."

Sprays of Small Flowers

For a low-slung snood (can I call them a half-snood or something?) the Weekly Times of Melbourne, 7 March 1945 suggested a spray of flowers at the top of each side. They do remind you to remember that if you are using real flowers, they won't last too long!

From The Weekly Times, 7 Mar 1945

Types of Flowers

All kinds of artificial flowers can be used, from random cheap ones to nice silk or velvet. Real flowers, as mentioned, could be a fun one-day experiment. Consider ribbon flowers, floral brooches or clips, crocheted flowers, and don't forget that you could explore leaves too!

Flowers can brighten up a plain snood, add volume and interest in the places you want it, draw attention to your hair (or away from it!), bring in colours from your outfit, and just make you smile!

I hope you will give some floral experiments a go this week!



  1. I like the idea of a flower crown paired with a snood. I love to wear flowers on my head anyways, so throwing a snood into the mix sounds like a great idea :)
    The Artyologist

  2. Fantastic ideas and themes! I'm especially excited to see snoods + hats, as that's a combo I haven't worn too often often the years (the first contemporary person that springs to mind for me on that front is Laurence from the blog Lost in the 50s).

    Loving Snoodtember to the moon and back!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. I really like the flowers at the side of the half snood, that is a very pretty look. I don't have a half snood do you? I'm wondering if it is difficult to get your hair to stay put!

    1. I don't, but I tried making some from fabric and also wearing a regular one halfway done. Both were hard to keep in place but I think enough extra pins and it would be ok!


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