Friday, 31 January 2014

Old Family Photos from 1920s Australia

My grandmother Wendy pulled out these old negatives at dinner a few weeks ago, and we sat holding them up to the light and talking about them.

She's since had them developed, and gave me the CD of the digital copies. There are 34 photos, not all in very good states of visibility, and they range from the late 20s to the early 40s, we have decided. I'm sharing some of the best and clearest ones today.

Here's my great-grandmother, Dora. She was a lovely woman when I knew her, who went through about half a dozen different craft obsessions in the last decades of her life. She was always active and busy.

These are her parents, my great-great-grandparents. Dressed up for the wedding of one of their other daughters. I love the photographer's shadow (it appears quite a lot in the whole collection!).

Dora and one of her sisters with their dog. I feel that the dog has interrupted the posing going on here!

 I love some of the details on these coats.

And clearly they did too!

Dora again. Apparently she loved dresses with "floating panels". Quite possibly from the same pattern as the one above.

I wish I could get a better look at this hat! It definitely has something good going on!

I love the semi-posed, semi-casual look here. I'm pretty sure, however, that Jim Henson made that dog. What a crazy face!

There are stacks more negatives, so over time I hope to share some more with you.


  1. These are really great! A true gift to have photos of relatives from negatives that are still in such good condition.

    1. It is very lovely to have them. I'm looking forward to seeing what turns up on the rest of the negatives too!

  2. Oh amazing! Sounds like a real treasure trove. Hooray!

    1. It is wonderful. Both heart-warming and inspirational.


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